The Flow Corp is a corporation that specializes in giving customized solution for our clients in the food processing and construction industry. Our purpose is to work along with our customers in their projects from beginning to end.


At THE FLOW GROUP, we design and market high quality fruit and vegetable processing equipment for the food industry. We provide turnkey solutions as well as custom designed production lines that maximizes efficiency and yield at every phase of production, from grading to cutting, from washing to drying and all the way down to packaging. Whatever your needs are COLEAD has the right equipment for you.

Our global distribution network ensures you will get the most suitable systems and machines no matter which region of the world you are located in. When necessary our experienced engineers will travel to your production plant and help you determine ways to improve your yield and streamline your production processes.

COLEAD has over 40 years experience working with different growers and producers around the world. If you have a product that you think may require some customized engineering, feel free contacting us. Nine times out of ten we may already have dealt with the product you are trying to process. However, in the event that we do not have a turnkey solution available, we will assigned an experienced engineer to work with you to design and developing a custom solution.


Our expeterise in bringing to our clients turnkey solutions is our best curriculum in the construction industry. The Flow Corp specializes in designing and distributing all the steelworks needed for your next real estate project. We commit our team to work with your engineers and come up with the best cost efficient solution.

We ship steelworks «ready to assemble» which minimizes labor costs and speeds up construction timelines.